I AM FIT Episode 4

by admin on January 28, 2017

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I AM FIT – Just Not Yet
Episode 4

ask yourself questions and figure you out


So yesterday I did not workout. That’s right, I didn’t workout. I was at a meeting until late, and then I came home, and hung around the house, and did some things with my wife, but I never actually did work out. So this is where I need to just recognize that I failed, release it, forget about it and move on. Work out today, watch my diet TODAY. Do what I can TODAY. Yesterday is gone, it’s a new day. If I focus on my failures I will continue to fail.

Our focus is what we get

I am not focusing on the fact that I did not work out yesterday, I’m keeping myself accountable and I’m telling you that I didn’t. No big deal, it’s not the end of the world. I will work out today. Today is a new day. Even though I was out and about yesterday, I didn’t eat out at McDonald’s or something, I came home, and I ate at home and we had good food here, and that was a victory in that area! My weight has been stable for 3 days. I was losing weight pretty consistently everyday, but in the last three days I’ve been at 303lbs. That’s good though, that I’m not going up, which is a bonus!


One of the things that I learned about myself is that when I fail, I really hold it against myself. I really go after myself, and I really feel bad. It is one of the biggest factors of why I quit. Why I stop what I’m doing, because I feel like I’ve failed, I’ve lost out..blah blah. What I’ve learned is that NO, a failure is just a failure! What can I learn from that failure? I learned from that failure the other day that when I have to go to something that’s a little early, and I have a little time, I could’ve worked out. I could’ve done my podcast when I got home, instead of early in the morning, and in that time when I would be doing my podcast, I could’ve worked out. So I’ve learned that lesson. If I don’t get it done in the morning like I would like to get it done in the morning, then I might not get it done later on, so that’s a choice I will have to make. So FORGIVE MYSELF. I think a lot of us don’t do that. I think we expect from ourselves perfection. We need to learn to forgive ourselves and say ok that was yesterday. Today is a new day. Today I can still do what I’m supposed to do. It doesn’t matter, the whole system is not destroyed, the whole process is not OVER. It’s just a day. Now for some of you, you might be thinking, “you miss one work out and this is how you feel?” Yes that’s how I felt, I missed one work out, and I just destroyed the whole process. So now I don’t. Today, I work out. I’m still watching what I’m eating, still doing what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s fantastic, I’m still going to DO IT! Sometimes in the world of learning about yourself and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), you’ve got to learn to take the lumps and put some salve on it, and get on with your day. Because we are going to fail.


I have an opportunity. I’ve been offered an opportunity to be a reporter for a tv show, and I’m thinking I’m going to take it. Again, it’s another one of those situations where it is not a paid position, it’s a volunteer position. But it’s a volunteer training position. Although I know a lot of the production side and the backend, but reporting I have never done. So they’re going to teach me how to be a reporter. That’s why it’s free, because they are actually educating you, and you are learning how to be a reporter for a tv show. Which is fantastic. It’s a nice skill to learn. The reality is, I’ve been considering myself a reporter now for a little while, because I found that what I do really, really well is ask questions, and figure things out and that’s what I do! Either I ask questions of myself, or I ask questions of other people, and I will at some point in this podcast have interviews, that’s what I want to do. I want to interview people about nutrition, and working out and finances. I want to put all that on here. I’m just working my way up to that! I have an opportunity! It’s not a paid opportunity YET! You never know where it’s going to lead right? I will take this opportunity and I’m going to run with it. I’m hoping that other things will come along that could pay the bills! I think they will! I have to be positive about that!

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