I AM FIT Episode 3

by admin on January 28, 2017

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I AM FIT – Just Not Yet
Episode 3

Potato chips taste like raw onions


Last time I said that I was going to give more information about my physical situation, so my measurements. So here we go, here are a lot of weird details that I’m not really sure anybody needs to know, but if you’re just interested, I’m open and willing to share.
Neck                     18 ½ inches
Left Bicep            16 ½ inches
Left Forearm      13 inches
Right Bicep         16 inches
Right Forearm   13 inches
Chest                    56 inches
Waist                    56 inches
Hips                      52 inches
Left Thigh            26 inches
Left Calf               19 inches
Right Thigh         27 inches
Right Calf            18 inches
Wrists                   7 ½ inches

I did calculations for the percentage of my body fat and it’s 43.23 %. So almost half of my body is fat. Fantastic right? (enter sarcasm here) But, it doesn’t make sense to me because I remember once being told my lean body mass is 220lbs, because of my size and my bone structure. So if 220lbs, then 50 % added to that would be 450lbs, so obviously that’s not an accurate measurement, because I am not 450lbs. And half of my body weight if you take away half right now, then I would be 160lbs. Which I think maybe last time I was 160lbs, I was 12?? haha…so we’ll see! Anyways, those are my measurements as of right now. It’s interesting to know what those things are because when you do your measurements (I never really liked doing them), sometimes you’re not losing weight per se, but then when you check, you notice that you are leaning down in certain areas and you’re losing whatever you are losing on different areas of your body. It gives you another point of motivation, and you can see “ok, maybe I’m not losing weight on the scale, but I’m actually reducing my waist size, or something.” Which really helps you keep motivated. Which is very important.

Today I’m doing this podcast/blog a little earlier today, because I have an appointment today, and I have to take off, so I have decided not to do my workout in the morning. I usually do my workout in the morning because I like to get it out of the way, but today, I’m not doing my workout in the morning. But I will be doing it later. HOPEFULLY. This is part of my struggle. In the past, something would come up, and I would have to cancel my workout for the time period that I would normally do it, and I would make plans to do it later, but then I wouldn’t. So this is one of those things that I’m going to be using the podcast/blog for, is to keep myself accountable. So later on when I come back, I will do my exercises, because when I do my next podcast, I have to let you know that I didn’t do my exercise. And I don’t want to NOT! This is the reason why I’m doing the podcast/blog in the first place! It’s because I want to stay accountable, and so I want my progress to be positive, and not negative. So I will see you next time and let you know that I worked out! That’s my plan. I AM GOING TO WORKOUT.


One of the things I want to talk about today is mindsets. One of the big issues that I have had, which I’ve talked about before is that I’m a big fan of sweets. But I’m also a HUGE fan of potato chips. Shocker right? I don’t know how you can eat potato chips and not be 300 and some pounds. But, I ate potato chips a lot, I like them A LOT! So through the process of learning about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I realized that one of the things you can do is to change your association to things that you enjoy, that you don’t want to do anymore. So I don’t want to eat potato chips anymore, so I did an experiment. This is what I did. Now I don’t like raw onions, I’m not a big fan of raw onions, I don’t like them at all, they make me gag a little bit when I try to eat them! So the feeling that I get from eating raw onions is really, really nasty. So I tried to associate the feelings that I get from raw onions in that quiet time where I try to “re-hypnotize” myself or “unhypnotize” myself rather, or change my associations. So you try to take the negative associations you have to something and associate that to something else. So for me, I was trying to take the taste and the reaction and emotional connection to raw onions and attribute that to potato chips. So I sat in a quiet place, and I imagined that feeling, and I got that emotion and then I thought about potato chips. I did that a few times over and over again. I then tried to just imagine the same feeling that I had with raw onions, with potato chips. So since I did that, I did eat potato chips one time and they didn’t taste like raw onions, but I didn’t eat the amount that I normally would eat, and I haven’t touched them since. I really don’t have any interest in eating them again, I really don’t! When I think about potato chips, I don’t get that oooooooo potato chips…I just don’t! It’s not that I can taste raw onions all of sudden because of that association, they just don’t have the same attraction as they did before. They just don’t give me that feeling of making myself feel better. Before you sit there, and you eat a bag of potato chips and you’re like Mmmmm I feel better, but now, no. I just don’t have any interest. Now there’s some other things that I’m still trying to work through, and not having those things.

I went to a meeting last night that was a little later and so I had a half a cup of coffee. They didn’t have any kind of sweetener there so I had a little bit of sugar, and a little milk. It didn’t affect me, I didn’t stay up all night, I just had a coffee, because it was a little later, and I wanted to keep my energy up. I can have a cup of coffee every once in a while, that’s not going to destroy me. It’s just going to be every once in a while.

Interesting though about the potato chips don’t you think? This NLP process where you can take positive experiences and attribute it to anything that you find negative in the past, which I’ve done with working out. Now I’ve always found working out to be a positive experience, I enjoy the feeling that I get afterwards, and I don’t mind the sweating. It’s fun! It’s just staying consistent in that. I’ve learned through my wife, and we’ve had a lot of discussions, and I’ve learned the big aspect of staying consistent. It is knowing what they call your “WHY”. Why are you doing it? What is the purpose of doing it this thing? And if your “WHY” is big enough, then you will stay on task. Your “WHY” has to be something that you really, really need to do. Like you’re going to die if you don’t do this. For me, my “WHY” is I am sick and tired of being run by my emotions, by other people’s baggage, I’m tired of it! This is my life! I get to live it the way I want to. And I would have told you in the past that I did. I am my own man and I do my own thing. That’s not true! I was run by my emotions, by preconceived notions, by all kinds of things. But now I’m learning to become my own man. My emotions are my own. My triggers are my own, and if I don’t like them, I can re-program them! To become what I need to become. So it’s all fun stuff! We all learn as we go!

Once you learn better, you do better!

Now I’m learning better. My suggestion to you would be to do research on NLP. If you have issues like food or drinking, or gambling, or anything, the association you place on gambling or drinking you can remove it, and change it! Now some people will say that with NLP you can change psychiatric issues, certainly depression. You can choose to be depressed or you can choose to be happy. Your emotions are just that, YOUR EMOTIONS. You can control your emotions. Now, I’ve worked in the psychiatric field for years, and some people believe 100% that they are stuck in that situation, and there’s nothing they can do about it. If they believe that, they are absolutely correct! So there’s nothing I can do about it, and there’s nothing they can do about it, if they believe they can’t. Sometimes, you cannot convince somebody that they can, and sometimes that’s the situation. And if that’s the situation, they can’t expect somebody to just change over night their belief system if they don’t have something enticing enough to help them do that. Some people think that they just don’t want to. That’s fine, it is their life, and they get to choose. They can do whatever they want, I did whatever I wanted, and now I’m changing it, because I WANT to change.


Listen I have lots of jobs, and I do lots of things. I don’t get paid for many of them, but I do lots of things, and help a lot of people. I do a lot of volunteering, I do a lot of things to help out other people, and I don’t mind, I like that. But I am looking for a full-time regular job. That’s what I need to get. If I had a full-time regular job, then I could pay my bills more effectively and plan for the future more, and re-invest in businesses that we have running. So I have a few businesses going, but none of them are being profitable right now, I’m just starting them out most of them. You know you can be a business person, and be a business person for quite a while and then not really find your niche yet, and try a bunch of things, and they don’t work, so then you have to try something else, and that doesn’t work, so you try something else. The idea of being an entrepreneur is not necessarily that you are going to be successful right away, but you just keep on trying. Sometimes you’ve got to modify, take that whole idea, and lay it down and try something different. That’s just part of life, not everything works out perfectly the first time, or the second time or the third time! But if you’re consistent and you keep on going for it, you keep on trying, you keep on hustling, eventually you can make it. If you make it, well then you are doing pretty well! Then you can take that money from that one successful business and re-invest it in other businesses that are maybe not as successful, and maybe look at the possibility of being financially free. From having to be stuck to a 9-5 job. But, I’m not there at this point. I would love to be 100% an entrepreneur and working for myself at home and doing my thing, but there’s just some of those skills that I just don’t have, which is fantastic because my wife has them! So it’s good! But, it’s a process. A big learning process. If you look at people who have gone through businesses and who have had businesses that have failed, they will have insights that you don’t have to have a successful business.You learn a lot more from something that fails, then something that succeeds. You gain a lot more from something that succeeds, but you learn a lot more from something that fails, especially about yourself. You have to make sure that you understand that a failure in business doesn’t mean that you are a failing person. It just means that the business isn’t doing well. It could be the market that you are in is not effective, it could be the product or service that you are offering is not something that the market can bear, or even recognize that it’s existing. Perhaps you don’t have money flowing in to invest in advertising. It’s hard to get the public to know what you are doing. So I’m looking for a full-time job, and if I get one, that would be fantastic in theory!


You can find my Podcast here goo.gl/2YNVdA

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